Popmundial Radio welcomes all users, who are not able to read what esigners nowadays feel is the ultimate kich in design BUT forget persons, who are in our view part of our society and should be able to participate without being able to read the latest gadgest !

Here come six links to our radio streamings ( we know much has to be be improved ) please get in touch !

5 Radios Streaming Live !

Popmundial Globetrotting, no explanation ! Our number one ! Each day including our Midnight Special at midnight Paris or Berlin repeated 5 hours later and at 19h Paris next day,
fixed for .fridays into sturdaqs is our flagship show " Good Night Rio" link

Popmundial showing you the variety of music http://Pop2sounds.com/

Popmundial Session,also called BDSM Radio Pop3session

Popmundial Easy Radio provides Sounds of Silence or Kuschelrock Pop5easy.com

Popmundial Special has a day to day changing program:

Changes are taking place mostly midnight Berlin:

Mondays: Broadway and Beyond, the great tracks from stage and screen
Tuesdays: our Classical Music Top 1000
Wednesdays Jazz
Thursdays: Rock
Fridays: Classic Soul
Saturdays: James Last Radio
Sundays: Bigbnad Bash


Enjoy ! Happy listening !

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Yours Joe

You are most welcome to help and contribute to this page for you !
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